• Bastille Day in Nice – A Tragedy

    France declares three days of national mourning following the deadly evening attack by a truck driver as he ploughed through massive crowds on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice celebrating Bastille Day, July 14th 2016.

    What should have been the end of a magnificent day turned out to be one of horror. Bastille Day in France […]

  • SAIP App – Let’s Stay Safe

    Have you got the SAIP app on your phone? Whether you already live in France, are planning a trip here or currently on your way, stay safe and download now the free SAIP app (système d’alerte et d’information des populations) to IOS or Android phone. I have uploaded it to my phone and it’s really simple […]

  • Deadly Storms Hit The French Riviera

    It is not often that I write bad news about the French Riviera. Especially not about thunderstorms. In fact, I don’t think I ever have even though I’ve experienced several ‘corkers’ at my dad used to call them.

    One in 2010 sticks in my mind as I was driving along the A8 and had just passed […]

  • Valbonne’s Colourful Market

    Valbonne’s market, along with that of Antibes, Nice and Cannes, is, I think, one of the best on the French Riviera and perhaps the most difficult to photograph.

    Shards of astonishing bright sunlight cut through the shadows thrown by 16th century arches, awnings and tall village houses. The cobbled streets are narrow giving little room to […]

  • Chevaux du Mercantour? ….

    Continuing with the animal theme to raise awareness, yet again, for Leslie Frasier of the Chats du Mercantour…….

    Leslie has fought tirelessly for her feline friends for some ten years now.

    Having recently moved out to a lovely grange outside of Saint-Etienne-de-Tinée, which Leslie and her partner are lovingly restoring, there has been the opportunity for Leslie […]

  • Côte Cats – a day in a life…

    In rural France, the presence of stray cats napping in the sun is an integral part of the image of village life – as evocative as a battered 2CV, a game of boules, and an apéro at a local bar.

    The reality can be much harsher – if a cat has nine lives, it also has […]

  • Wolfing in the Mercantour

    The debate about wolves continues apace in the Alpes-Maritimes.

    For sure, there is the interesting Alpha Wolf Park in Le Boréon where in the past few weeks three strapping young wolf males have been introduced to the Park and their female “belles”. A great day out for families in lovely countryside – it has to be […]

  • The Corniche d’Or

    Cut between the Mediterranean Sea and the Estérel Massif, is a ‘not-to-be-missed’ drive: the Corniche d’Or.

    The rugged peaks of the Estérel stand proud and in strong contrast to the azure skyline, as the road zigzags between red-ochre rocks and pristine blue sea making it a truly remarkable journey and possibly one of the most scenic […]

  • Living and Loving on the Riviera

    Living and Loving on the Riviera is the story of the American architect Barry Dierks, his English partner Eric Sawyer, and the stunning houses and gardens they designed on the French Riviera during the 1920s and 1930s, for those who could afford them.

    From their own home built into the red rocks of the Estérel mountains […]

  • French Riviera in Images

    We present a collection of photographs taken over a number of years while exploring the French Riviera for AMB-Côte d’Azur. Can you guess some of the places we’ve visited? A few are easy (hint – they’ve appeared in some articles) but others are a little more challenging. See if you recognise some of them. There’s […]